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The Actor - Exploded View (1982)


04.25.14 0
Zoom prtls:

Listen to “Sinking Stone,” the latest single from Washington DC’s Gems.
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Coma - “My Orbit” (Official Video)

05.25.13 2

Part Time ~ 19

02.17.13 1

Coleco ~ Hypnagogia

If this music is a snake charmer, I am most definitely a snake. Close your eyes, turn this up, and be transported to a land of shifting sand, heat haze, and ancient relics on the other side of oases.

10.10.12 6

Dream Curtain ~ This Landscape Is Our Escape

10.10.12 2

Spanwise / Pet Accessories ~ Keep Dry

Spanwise and Pet Accessories are the musical projects of Anna Hetherington. Treat yourself to this strange and lovely soundscape, complete with highly original and haunting vocals, weird distortion and moments of highs and lows.

10.08.12 0

I Break Horses ~ Winter Beats

10.05.12 2

Memory Tapes ~ Shelia

This track from Memory Tapes was just posted on Soundcloud today!

I’m not sure about you, but “Stop Talking” from Memory Tapes’ 2009 album Seek Magic is probably my favourite song by them: a full seven minutes of funky, dancy wonder coming to a fantabulous crescendo of mad sound-collage beauty for the final minute and a half. 

This song is in a similar vein and has similar pacing. At eight and a half minutes, it stretches time like a kaleidoscopic rubber band. Grooooovy.

10.02.12 2

The Bear and the Sea ~ Stardust In Your Lungs

Brand new track from electronic musician Damon Sheeley, otherwise known as The Bear and the Sea.

10.02.12 5